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DUI Attorney

duiDUI Attorney – Have you been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI, DWI or OUI)? If so, most likely you’re facing fines, jail time and/or probation and the loss of your driver’s license. Call us today to speak to an experienced DUI attorney, DWI lawyer and OWI attorney to understand your legal options.

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Working with an experienced DUI attorney or DUI lawyer has benefits and can save you headaches. It’s beneficial to have a lawyer that is familiar with the court system, has knowledge of plea bargain details, as well as the ability to handle complex procedures involving administration work. It’s even more beneficial if this isn’t your first DUI, second offense DUI or third offense DWI.

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Here is the series of consequences you should expect when getting arrested for a DUI:
Arrested and Booked for DUI
Appear in Court to face DUI Charges
Lose Your Driver’s License for DWI
Pay a Fine
Go to Jail for OWI
Complete the Terms of Probation
Go to Drunk Driving School
Undergo Alcohol Evaluation
Pay Higher Auto Insurance (SR-22)
Install an Ignition Interlock Device

Why do all that when our top DUI defense attorneys can get you off your DWI charges? Call us today at 855-897-2592 for information about your DUI!

We will provide you with some suggestions for you to consider when hiring a DUI attorney. Remember that an attorney that defends DUI / DWI / OWI exclusively most likely knows the court system and how to best represent your individual case in a court of law. You should still shop around and don’t be afraid to call and price compare. You can schedule an initial consultation with a DUI attorney, even 2 if you prefer because often they are free of charge and will help you decide if this is the right person for you. Be sure to ask DUI lawyer for the up front and total cost for representation. Be sure to ask if there are miscellaneous expenses to expect during the court process. Some DUI attorneys offer financing and payment options if you don’t have the money up front.

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