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Divorce Attorney

divorceNeed a local divorce or separation attorney? Ending a marriage can be a complicated process and we will provide you with the legal information and resources. There are different aspects to consider that will need to be negotiated, ie property and child custody. We will be your advocate so call us today!

Looking for a divorce?

A DIVORCE is legally referred to as termination of a marriage by legal action. Divorces are generally categorized as contested or uncontested where a contested divorce means the parties involved do not agree on at least one issue, while in an uncontested divorce the parties involved agree to all terms.

A legal separation is a court-decreed right to live apart, with the rights and obligations of divorced persons, but without divorce. Separation only terminates the right of cohabitation, but not the legal status of the marriage itself.

How to file for divorce:

Call us today to speak with an experienced divorce attorney. After you contact us, your divorce lawyer will prepare a petition for divorce and file it with the court in the state in which you live. Each state has its own residency requirement for how long a spouse must live within the state before being eligible to file for divorce.

Each state has its own statutory grounds for divorce, which are typically classified as fault or no-fault. Most states offer both options as available grounds, while other states have done away with fault divorces altogether.

A fault divorce means wrongdoing by one of the spouses, which requires evidence to prove the wrongdoing. Each state defines fault differently. Common grounds include adultery, domestic abuse, or extended imprisonment.

A no-fault divorce means neither party must prove the other engaged in wrongdoing. A spouse can be granted a no-fault divorce based merely on the parties having irreconcilable differences.

As the laws governing divorce vary not only from state to state but from county to county, it is important to call us for a divorce attorney with specific experience in your particular jurisdiction.